Quiet standing #1
Slow breathing. With counting (5 seconds) 1-2 minutes.
Quiet standing #2 One stands (see Chen section) Hold the World, lift and press
Start with hands in front of hips then slowly raising them up, hold, then lower them. Counting the breaths. Fully engage the core.

3 big circles (on to toes).
Stretch, make triangle with fingers
Swinging arms - waist, shoulder and over shoulder
Knee rotations
Elbow and wrist rotations
Shoulder/arm rotations. Start with hollow fists, arms straight up.
Rolling hand on the waist
Teacup exercise
Middle coil
Meteor shatters the Earth

Ba Gua foot drill. Mud Stepping and Normal Ba Gua Stepping

Ba Gua hand drill.

Hand and foot drills.

8 Ba Gua Palms List

  1. Lake - Yin - exhale. Palms down

  2. Fire - Yang. Fingers vertical

  3. Thunder - Yin. Embrace (back of palm forward)

  4. Earth - Yang. Chop down

  5. Mountain - Yin. Lift wrist

  6. Water - Yang. Fingers thrust diagonal up

  7. Wind - Yin. Vertical twist

  8. Heaven - Yang - inhale. Palms up

This is the form that we are learning this term.

The form we are learning The one in the above video

Opening form

Pressing the Ball. Both palms down. Twist left, left foot forward.


Holding Heaven. Both palms up. Twist left, left foot forward.

L R L. Keep circling Left

Holding the Moon. Both palms forward. Twist left, left foot forward. Connect with partners wrist.

L R L. Keep circling left

Lion Holds The Ball. L palm up, keep connected. Right palm down, head height.

L R quick to centre in horse stance L R L. R L. Transition Keep circling left drop left hand

L palm facing back, R palm facing forward.

L R L R Fajing L. Transition - keep circling left change hands

L palm forward fingers up, R palm forward fingers down.


Rope climbing. Transition- left up, right down.

L R, With palm strikes- L R, L Keep circling left

Roll the bottom fingers up, drop

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A variety of Ba Gua clips